Our office is temporarily closed

Hi Fam! The Tru North Team would like to reach out to you during this time of uncertainty. As a global community, we are facing a pandemic and we are constantly readjusting to the new way of life everyday. As a family, our primary goal is to keep our patients, our families and our communities safe during this time.

The Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario has strongly recommended against all non-emergency dental and orthodontic treatment and due to the rapidly changing situation, there is no timeline as to when our office will reopen for regular orthodontic care. If you had an appointment scheduled in the near future, it has been cancelled and you will be hearing from us. To avoid rescheduling your visit multiple times, we will not be rescheduling our in-office appointments until we have a set reopening date.

During this time, your participation in your treatment is extremely important! Continue with excellent oral hygiene and elastic wear as it has been indicated. Most importantly, if you are in braces, make sure to be careful with the foods you are eating as we likely will not be able to repair your broken braces until your next visit.

We are always here for you! We have implemented a virtual system to continue to offer you the highest level of care possible right now to monitor your treatment. Our team will be contacting patients over the next few weeks to schedule virtual visits and we look forward to catching up with all of you.

If you have any urgent questions or concerns regarding treatment, our team is always available and can be reached at 905-856-9200 or info@truortho.com. Our phone line and email are being monitored during our regular business hours Monday through Friday.

If you have additional questions please click the FAQ’s link here https://www.truortho.com/covid-19-faq/ for our temporary closure information.

Stay safe Tru Fam! Get your smile on πŸ™‚