Hide Your Braces

Inside Braces

Inside Braces – A Completely Hidden Way of Straightening Your Teeth

You know that straightening your teeth can help give you the self confidence that will can help you both personally and professionally. If you are considering getting your teeth straightened with visible braces, chances are it can also be corrected with inside braces as well.

There are many great options to reduce the visibility of your braces, such as clear braces or Invisalign. But, perhaps the most innovative process, and the most effective in keeping your braces completely hidden is inside braces.

How Do Inside Braces Work?

Simply put, if you’ve ever considered metal braces on the outside of your teeth, know that they can be placed on the inside of your teeth instead. No one will be able to see them, and they’ll have the same effect in straightening out your smile effectively. Incognito braces are completely invisible – you won’t even see them when you look in the mirror, but you will notice your smile improving all the time!

Another benefit to inside braces is that there is no guess work, or compliance involved. Invisalign is great because it allows you to remove the aligners when necessary. Unfortunately, that can sometimes lead to forgetting to put them back in.. Not only does that defeat the purpose of their benefit, but it can elongate your overall treatment. When you choose inside braces, they’re working for you 24-hours a day, without any additional effort from you.

If you’ve considered ‘invisible’ braces before, but want something more permanent that you don’t have to think about, inside braces are a perfect option.

The best part? Inside braces work on just about everyone, at any age. So, whether you’re an adult who has been avoiding getting a beautiful smile because you were worried about braces, or a teen who doesn’t want to feel self-conscious about traditional braces, inside braces a great solution.

If you are considering braces but are concerned about the appearance of them, then inside (Incognito) braces may be the perfect option for you.  Call us for a complimentary consultation to see if Incognito will work for you!