Back to School Smile Transformation!

Emma is back to school ready with her new, Tru smile! In two years, Emma’s smile was transformed by the Tru squad and we could not be happier wit her results! Good luck at school this year Emma;… Read More

An Amazing and Tru Difference

Jordana Fiorini was a patient of Tru North Orthodontics who passed away on January 22nd 2016 at the young age of 10.  Jordana was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Giloma (DIPG), a cancerous brain tumour that affects children in their early years of life. DIPG is an underfunded and… Read More

A Truly Wonderful Transformation!

Ethan started his journey with us at the age of 8 when he came for his first consultation. Ethan became a member of our Kids Club, coming in for visits to monitor growth and development until he was ready to start treatment. Flash forward to today and here we… Read More

Back to School Drive!

We know what you’re thinking; it’s summer vacation, don’t mention back to school! But it is never too early to help a child in need. The Tru Squad is hosting a Back to School Supplies Drive for The… Read More

Onesie in a Million!

TRU CANADIAN PRIDE! Spirit Days are a big part of what the Tru experience is made of. In our office, we believe that fun is an intricate part of the work day! We strive to keep the smiles… Read More