Robin Hoods Tru Adventures!

Patient Appreciation Day!  What an incredible day!! Thank you to everyone who came out for our Patient Appreciation Day! Your donations to the Vaughan Food Bank filled 12 bins!! We are truly blessed to have you, Tru Fam! Get your smile on, cause we sure did!… Read More

Michael Scored His Tru Smile!

Michael completed his Tru journey and looks amazing! Dr. Goldstein and the team at Tru North Orthodontics have been helping patients find their Tru smile since 2006 and we are only just beginning!… Read More

Radiant Smile Transformation!

Congrats Arquelle!   The Tru North team is committed to providing our patients with the smile of their dreams. We believe that self-confidence is an essential ingredient for a lifetime of success. Congratulations to Arquelle for completing her Tru journey!  … Read More

A Glowing Transformation!

Congrats Abby!  Abby is glowing in her new, Tru smile! In only 16 months, with the expertise of  2 certified orthodontists and our award winning Tru squad, Abby has come to the end of her Tru journey! The Tru squad is… Read More

Join Us At The Movies!

Annual Patient Appreciation Day! It’s that time again! Join the Tru Squad on Saturday, November 24th for a FREE screening of either The Grinch or Robin Hood! The movie and popcorn is on us! We ask that you bring a non-perishable food item with you to the theatre to… Read More