TRU NORTH WANTS YOUR COOKIES!! ATTENTION GIRL GUIDES!!! Starting March 1, 2018, Dr. G will buy a case of cookies from any Girl Guide who comes to the office in uniform for a photo! All of the… Read More


The Bully Free Community Alliance works to raise awareness and help find support for students and families in need. The Tru North Squad will donate $5 dollars for every patient who shows off their pink spirit. Whether at home or in clinic, find your… Read More

Amazing Transformation!

The Tru Team has brought another Tru smile to life! Alima is beaming and we could not be happier! At our office you will benefit from the expertise of  2 certified orthodontists and our award winning team with over 400 years of… Read More


Bully Free Community Alliance This amazing foundation uses donations to implement a number of initiatives and supports for students and families. It also works with Southlake Regional Hospital to bring more support for children and adolescents struggling with mental illness and addictions. Thanks to our patients efforts last… Read More


Incredible Smile Transformation!   Dr. Goldstein and the Tru North team are committed to providing our patients with the smile of their dreams. The Tru team believes that self-confidence is an essential ingredient for a lifetime of success. Contact our office for… Read More